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Your dog is a member of your family.

LET'S GO!! Dog Training is FUN for the Whole Family!

It makes a huge difference living with your dog when they have good manners. Some dogs are okay with change and change quickly (change after one session), while others take more time and that's okay. Some dogs have tougher stuff to get through. Adopted and rescued dogs often bring more emotional baggage to the relationship. Obedience training will help you strengthen your owner-dog bond.

The average dog will live eight years. The average dog will have five homes during those eight years.

Dog behavior, according to the Veterinary School of
Behavior Science, is the number one killer of dogs.

The number one reason dogs are rehomed, taken to shelters, thrown out into the backyard to live alone and forgotten or abandoned on lonely country roads is: A lack of household manners. Can you imagine thinking dogs are born with proper manners? Nope. No more than children are born with proper manners.

Is this making you think?

Dog obedience training teaches your dog to listen (creates communications) and will give you cues like sit, down, stay, recall, wait and park-it. It also reinforces your leadership role as you train your dog on a consistent basis. It gives you a shared language.

LET'S GO!! believes that training ensures a happy pack family at home. Through training, you and your dog develop a language to communicate together and, in doing so, deepen the bond between the two of you. Your dog needs to know what you expect of him. You need to know what he expects and needs from you. Effective communication skills is how you share this information. You are two different species, LET'S GO!!'s job is to get you on the same page.

It's NEVER Too Late to Train Your Dog!

MY MISSION: my passion in life - through training and education, is to keep the family dog in the family as a beloved, respected member of the family. Bobbye J. Smith

OUR MISSION at LET'S GO!! (Positive Reinforcement Dog Training) LLC is to give you the very best education that we possibly can. So that you  realize what you are telling your dog, by certain things you do and by what the dog is telling you by certain things they do.

LET'S GO!! is committed to not only giving you a dog that you love as a family member and a dog that loves and respects your guidance, but a dog that is safe in any environment and in any situation.

Dogs, just like children, requiring direction, instruction, praise, love and guidance. Raising and training dogs is no different than raising and training children. The only difference is one species has two legs and the other has four.

Dog training shouldn't be about just teaching your dog cutesy tricks, but giving you and your dog an education to insure a long SAFE, LOVING, mutually respectful relationship that will last forever.


Training with LET'S GO!! (Positive Reinforcement Dog Training) LLC will teach you and your dog a common language. You and your dog will learn this new language together. Additionally, you'll learn hand signals. You will learn to read your dogs body language. Your dog is already proficient in reading your body language!! You'll share accomplishments, achievements and increased confidence levels. You will enjoy each other.. as it should be. All training is accomplished by positive reinforcement. LET'S GO!! uses treats, praise, belly rubs, and ear scratches to teach your dog what to do. It is easier to teach a dog what to do - rather than teach a dog what not to do.

Dog Training Is FUN!

Dogs are our constant companions giving us unquestioned love and loyalty regardless of our age or need. They love us for who we are - not for what we have. We have invited them into our world with our family, and it is our responsibility to give them the proper framework in which to live. It is our duty to teach our kids to love and respect the puppy or dog and understand it for what it is -- a Dog. They will establish a friendship that is treasured and remembered for a life time.

LET'S GO!!  NEVER  uses choke chains, prong collars, shock collars or physical punishment.

The method of training used in the sessions/classes has been selected based on the effectiveness and positive aspect of the training. Dogs who have been properly trained in obedience enjoy better relationships with their PetParents and feel safe and secure when they understand the rules. The basis for a good trainer stems from knowledge, experience, effectiveness and attitude. The trainer actively looks for new ideas and implements positive changes for the better.

A good trainer will learn from experience, have an open mind, be kind, patient, friendly and involved. The main concern and focus at LET'S GO!! is to present training methods to the PetParent so that their dogs will give them their very best, be responsive to their commands, respectful of their leadership and enjoy the loving bond with their PetParents that obedience training brings.

"Lots of people talk to animals," said Pooh

"Maybe, but..."

"Not very many listen, though," he said.

"That's the problem," he added.

Our clients' needs are of the utmost importance.

LET'S GO!! is committed to meeting those needs.

As a result, a high precentage of LET'S GO!!'s business is from repeat customers and referrals.



Dog Training is Fun!

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